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Reforms For Condo-Owners And Homeowners?
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Senate Bill 1184 ER is a bill including legislative reforms for different kinds of mandated properties, Condominiums, Homeowners' Associations, Cooperatives and Community Development Districts.
For easier understanding it's posted by issue:
Here is the Bill Summary:
Senate 1184: Relating to Condominium & Community Association

Condominium & Community Association; provides immunity from liability  for certain info. provided by associations to prospective purchasers or  lienholders under certain circumstances; prohibits insurers from  requiring associations to purchase medical malpractice coverage as  condition of issuing other coverage; creates Condominium Ombudsman  Office within Fla. Land Sales, Condominium & Mobile Homes Div.; creates  Advisory Council on Condominiums, etc. Amends FS.  EFFECTIVE DATE:  10/01/2004.
04/30/04 SENATE Ordered enrolled

HB 1223/SB 2498
HB 1987/SB 2984

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

  2         An act relating to condominium and community
  3         associations; amending s. 718.111, F.S.;
  4         providing immunity from liability for certain
  5         information provided by associations to
  6         prospective purchasers or lienholders under
  7         certain circumstances; amending s. 720.303,
  8         F.S.; requiring specific notice to be given to
  9         association members before certain assessments
10         or rule changes may be considered at a meeting;
11         amending s. 768.1325, F.S.; providing immunity
12         from civil liability for community associations
13         that provide automated defibrillator devices
14         under certain circumstances; prohibiting
15         insurers from requiring associations to
16         purchase medical malpractice coverage as a
17         condition of issuing other coverage;
18         prohibiting insurers from excluding from
19         coverage under a general liability policy
20         damages resulting from the use of an automated
21         external defibrillator device; amending ss.
22      718.112 and 719.1055, F.S.; revising
23         notification and voting procedures with respect
24         to any vote to forego retrofitting of the
25         common areas of condominiums and cooperatives
26         with fire sprinkler systems; creating s.
27      718.5011, F.S.; creating the Office of the
28         Condominium Ombudsman within the Division of
29         Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile
30         Homes; directing the Governor to appoint the
31         ombudsman; requiring the ombudsman to be an

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

 1         attorney; providing for the filling of a vacant
 2         ombudsman position; prohibiting the ombudsman
 3         and staff from engaging in any other
 4         profession, serving as a representative or
 5         employee of any political party, or receiving
 6         remuneration for activities on behalf of
 7         political candidates; prohibiting the ombudsman
 8         and staff from seeking public office unless
 9         resigned from the Office of the Condominium
10         Ombudsman; providing requirements and
11         limitations for office staff; creating s.
12      718.5012, F.S.; providing for powers and duties
13         of the ombudsman; requiring the ombudsman to
14         prepare and issue reports and make
15         recommendations to specified persons; directing
16         the ombudsman to be a liaison between certain
17         parties, to monitor condominium elections, to
18         assist unit owners and boards of directors, and
19         to encourage voluntary resolutions to disputes
20         before filing the matter as a formal complaint;
21         creating s. 718.5014, F.S.; providing for the
22         principal location of the ombudsman's office in
23         Leon County; authorizing the ombudsman to
24         establish branch offices elsewhere in the state
25         under specified circumstances; amending s.
26      718.503, F.S.; requiring unit owners who are
27         not developers to provide a specific question
28         and answer disclosure document to certain
29         prospective purchasers; creating s. 718.5015,
30         F.S.; creating the Advisory Council on
31         Condominiums; providing for appointments by the

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

 1         President of the Senate, the Speaker of 
 2         House of Representatives, and the Governor;
 3         providing limited compensation and other terms
 4         of service; specifying functions; creating s.
 5      720.401, F.S.; providing legislative intent
 6         relating to the revival of governance of a
 7         community; creating s. 720.402, F.S.; providing
 8         eligibility to revive governance documents;
 9         specifying prerequisites to reviving governance
10         documents; creating s. 720.403, F.S.; requiring
11         the formation of an organizing committee;
12         providing for membership; providing duties and
13         responsibilities of the organizing committee;
14         directing the organizing committee to prepare
15         certain documents; providing for the contents
16         of the documents; providing for a vote of the
17         eligible parcel owners; creating s. 720.404,
18         F.S.; directing the organizing committee to
19         file certain documents with the Department of
20         Community Affairs; specifies the content of the
21         submission to the department; requiring the
22         department to approve or disapprove the request
23         to revive the governance documents within a
24         specified time period; creating s. 720.405,
25         F.S.; requiring the organizing committee to
26         file and record certain documents within a
27         specified time period; directing the organizing
28         committee to give all affected parcel owners a
29         copy of the documents filed and recorded;
30         providing for judicial determination of the
31         effects of revived covenants on parcels;

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

 1         providing for effects of such a judicial
 2         determination; amending ss. 720.301 and
 3      720.302, F.S.; conforming provisions to changes
 4         made by the act; providing definitions;
 5         redefining the term "member"; prescribing a
 6         legislative purpose of providing alternative
 7         dispute resolution procedures for disputes
 8         involving elections and recalls; amending s.
 9      720.303, F.S.; prescribing the right of an
10         association to enforce deed restrictions;
11         prescribing rights of members and parcel owners
12         to attend and address association board
13         meetings and to have items placed on an agenda;
14         prescribing additional requirements for notice
15         of meetings; providing for additional materials
16         to be maintained as records; providing
17         additional requirements and limitations with
18         respect to inspecting and copying records;
19         providing requirements with respect to
20         financial statements; providing procedures for
21         recall of directors; amending s. 720.304, F.S.;
22         prescribing owners' rights with respect to flag
23         display; prohibiting certain lawsuits against
24         parcel owners; providing penalties; allowing a
25         parcel owner to construct a ramp for a parcel
26         resident who has a medical need for a ramp;
27         providing conditions; allowing the display of a
28         security-services sign; amending s. 720.305,
29         F.S.; providing that a fine by an association
30         cannot become a lien against a parcel;
31         providing for attorney's fees in actions to

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

 1         recover fines; creating s. 720.3055, F.S.;
 2         prescribing requirements for contracts for
 3         products and services; amending s. 720.306,
 4         F.S.; providing for notice of and right to
 5         speak at member meetings; requiring election
 6         disputes between a member and an association to
 7         be submitted to mandatory binding arbitration;
 8         amending s. 720.311, F.S.; expanding
 9         requirements and guidelines with respect to
10         alternative dispute resolution; providing
11         requirements for mediation and arbitration;
12         providing for training and education programs;
13         amending s. 718.110, F.S.; restricting the
14         application of certain amendments restricting
15         owners' rental rights; transferring,
16         renumbering, and amending s. 689.26, F.S.;
17         modifying the disclosure form that a
18         prospective purchaser must receive before a
19         contract for sale; providing that certain
20         contracts are voidable for a specified period;
21         requiring that a purchaser provide written
22         notice of cancellation; transferring and
23         renumbering s. 689.265, F.S., relating to
24         required financial reports of certain
25         residential subdivision developers; amending s.
26      498.025, F.S., relating to the disposition of
27         subdivided lands; conforming cross-references;
28         creating s. 720.602, F.S.; providing remedies
29         for publication of false and misleading
30         information; amending s. 34.01, F.S.; providing
31         jurisdiction of disputes involving homeowners'

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 ENROLLED 2004 Legislature  CS for CS for CS for SB 1184  2nd Engrossed

 1         associations; amending ss. 316.00825, 558.002,
 2         F.S.; conforming cross-references; providing
 3         for internal organization of ch. 720, F.S.;
 4         amending s. 190.012, F.S.; providing for the
 5         enforcement of deed restrictions in certain
 6         circumstances; amending s. 190.046, F.S.;
 7         providing for additional dissolution
 8         procedures; amending s. 190.006, F.S.;
 9         specifying procedures for selecting a chair at
10         the initial landowners' meeting; specifying
11         requirements for proxy voting; requiring notice
12         of landowners' elections; specifying the terms
13         of certain supervisors; providing for
14         nonpartisan elections; specifying the time that
15         resident supervisors assume office; authorizing
16         the supervisor of elections to designate seat
17         numbers for resident supervisors of the board;
18         providing procedures for filing qualifying
19         papers; allowing candidates the option of
20         paying a filing fee to qualify for the
21         election; specifying payment requirements;
22         specifying the number of petition signatures
23         required to qualify for the election; requiring
24         the county canvassing board to certify the
25         results of resident elections; amending s.
26      718.5012, F.S., as created by this act;
27         providing for establishment of election
28         monitors; providing for severability; providing
29         an effective date.

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