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February 18, 2005




We owners have to unite under the battle cry :


Our homes should be our homes again – and not part of a generic corporation with little interest in working for our welfare. Specialized attorneys have been running the show for more than 30 years – and the results are obvious! Many useless law suits and inflated costs for management are eating up our dues, instead of paying for the maintenance and beautification of our communities.


It is imperative for our welfare that we have statutes that clearly explain what to do – and not to do! And a government agency with enforcement power, so the powers to be know they will be held accountable for violating the governing rules.


Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. has just celebrated its Fifth Anniversary!  Our organization has established goals of ADVOCACY, EDUCATION and LEGISLATIVE REFORM.


During the 2004 Legislative Session we succeeded to enact various bills that were definitely steps in the right direction:


·        Condo Ombudsman’s Office

·        Condo Advisory Council

·        Grandfathering Rental Rights In Condos

·        No More Liens And Foreclosures For Fines In HOAs

·        Easy Recall Procedures For HOAs

·        Certain Safeguards To Prevent Litigation Abuses

·        No More SLAPP Suits!

·        Greater Accountability Of Funds


Just to name some of the main achievements during the last legislative session. There is still a long way to go to achieve the final goal of creating the protection homeowners and condo owners in Florida deserve.  We will not rest until our Florida legislators produce the following changes to the laws that govern Mandated Properties:

  • Create Government Agency With Enforcement Power

  • Put A Stop To Abusive Foreclosures In Associations

  • Protect Our Vested Rights

Full Disclosure, NOT Caveat Emptor, must be the "Buy Words" in Florida – for all mandated properties, including Community Development Districts.  These reforms are long overdue.  Homeowners and condo-unit owners all over Florida are suffering from inadequate protection against abuses.  Small improvements have been made during the last session, but definitely not as comprehensive as necessary!


Fairness Is The Goal !

Currently, new bills regarding these issues are being written and will soon be filed.  We hope that homeowners and condo-owners from all over Florida will support our efforts.  We have hired an effective lobbyist to be Our Voice In Tallahassee. Jerry Melvin, former Dean of the House, has contracted with CCFJ to be its lobbyist, beginning immediately and continuing through the 2005 Florida Legislative Session.


"WE THE PEOPLE" of this growing statewide organization are intent upon beneficially influencing government and improving the political, economic and social aspects of Florida citizens.  Our members are committed to working toward individual and common goals that affect the group.  As our growth continues, our citizens have become enthusiastic and talented representatives of CCFJ. 


Our web pages at illustrate the work accomplished by our committees.  News about Homeowners' Associations, Condominium Associations and Community Development Districts is reported and posted on a regular basis.


Other news of interest is dispatched via the Internet to members and our network e-mail list on an intermittent basis.  Because of these diligent efforts, the members and friends of CCFJ are kept abreast of current legislative developments and other issues pertaining to Property Rights.


Every member has Full Voting Rights.  All major decisions are brought before the members for approval. "PEOPLE POWER" is evident in all that is accomplished by CCFJ.  "In Unity There Is Strength!"  --  this phrase is the hallmark of a democratic organization and it is a keynote principle of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. 


We greatly welcome the opportunity to work with the following organizations in an alliance to achieve common goals and objectives:  League Of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC); Property Owners Association Of The Villages (POA); Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 11; Consumer Advocacy Network (CAN); and Fair Housing Center Of The Greater Palm Beaches (FHCGPB).  These organizations recognize our cause is right and just -- and we expect others will JOIN with us to create an atmosphere of trust in government for Florida citizens. 


Improving the HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE of Florida citizens is our constant quest.  We need your assistance to accomplish these goals.  Help us to continue to organize statewide.  Invite your neighbors and friends to JOIN AND HELP US TO ESTABLISH OUR VOICE IN TALLAHASSEE!



With Best Regards,

Members Of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.