Bill Summary By Milena Macias, Esq.
CCFJ Director for Legislative Affairs
Milena Macias, Esq.


SB  1378 and HB 751

Florida Mobile Home Act

We should support SB 1378 (filed by Senator Hooper) and HB 751(filed by Representative Stark).  

The bills seek to amend the Florida Mobile Home  Act. s. 723, F.S., effective as of July 1, 2023.

The bills amend the dispute resolution process to encourage discussion and evaluation by the parties of comparable mobile homes.  In some cases, the requirement of parties to petition  the division to initiate mediation or pe-mediation on certain matters is dispensed with.   In addition, some disputes are not eligible for presuit mediation.  Evictions pursuant to s. 723.061 F.S., as well as election and recall disputes are not eligible for mediation.   Instead, any such dispute s must be arbitrated by the division or filed in a court (including actions in circuit court under certain conditions.

The bills  amend  s. 723.059, F.S.; to require associations to repair and maintain common areas.     Further,  an association must  screen prospective purchasers within 15 business days after the submission of an application to the park owner.

In addition,  HB 751 provides a tax imposed upon the sale of mobile and manufacture homes.  (s. 212.05, F.S. Sales, storage, use tax)

The bills also provide that  a court may treble the damages awarded to a prevailing mobile home owner or homeowners’ association, it must state the basis for the treble damages award, if any, in its judgment.


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