More than 400 Questionnaires mailed !
By Jan Bergemann, President CCFJ, Inc.
Posted 8-10-2002

FLORIDA - As of today the members of CCFJ, Inc. have snail-mailed more than 400 questionnaires to the candidates for Florida Senate and House of Representatives. The Questionnairecontains questions of interest in regards to the immediate legislative goals of our organization.

By participating in this effort our members proved their determination to stay in touch with and seek responses from their district candidates. We hope the candidates are willing to show they are interested in the issues their constituents care about by responding to let them know if they'll advocate for or against - if elected.

Legislative reforms are definitely necessary in our State of Florida. Many of our Statutes are not consumer-friendly and give the industry a wide range of power, requiring the consumers to enter into costly litigation to fight for their rights. Many elderly citizens living on a fixed income can't afford this unfair burden. 

The fight for these legislative reforms will already be won or lost at the polls in September - Primaries - and the November Elections. It is important for the consumers to support and/or elect legislators that believe in the principles; "..of, by and for the people..' not simply the stakeholders and industry partisans that have unlimited funds to contribute to a candidates campaign.

Remain alert and review the responses of the candidates to our questionnaires and cast your vote accordingly.

The first responses have been posted on our WebPages at :

For the Voters : Please continue to check these WebPages for the additional responses which will be posted as received.

For the Candidates : Please respond to our questionnaires A.S.A.P. , so your constituents will know how you feel about certain important issues! Your help is very much appreciated!

The posting of these responses and comments of the candidates can not be considered an endorsement of these candidates by our organization because we are non-partisan. Voters will judge candidates based on the responses we receive and other qualifications they're aware when they cast their ballot and vote their conscience!