Dear Citizens Of Florida,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our elected officials, media representatives, friends and members for the efforts and dedication that helped to make 2003 such a success for our organization.

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. can look back at great achievements during the year 2003.  Founded in 2000 to improve the daily lives of CITIZENS in our State, our organization had another year of growth and success.  Our membership more than doubled in the last twelve months and our e-mail lists quadrupled.  We created alliances with many other great organizations around Florida, working on our initial goals of ADVOCACY, EDUCATION and LEGISLATIVE REFORM. 

Our members are committed to working toward individual and common goals affecting the group. As our growth continues, our citizens have become enthusiastic and talented representatives of CCFJ.    

Our Web Pages garnered more interest in 2003 than in our prior 28-month existence. 

Legislators and media representatives recognized our efforts and listened to our presentations and opinions. 

Members of CCFJ have been called to serve on the HOA Task Force, created by Governor Jeb Bush.  CCFJ members also are working with members of the House Select Committee On Condominium Association Governance, created by Speaker Johnnie Byrd. 

2004 will be a year of very important decisions, which will influence the living conditions of citizens of Florida in mandated properties.  Bills will be filed for the upcoming legislative session.  If enacted, these consumer protection bills will have great impact on  homeowners and condo-owners.  

  • Create a government agency with enforcement power regulating all mandated properties to protect consumers' rights.
  • Eliminate and/or diminish foreclosures by mandatory associations. 
  • Protect our Constitutional, Vested and Contractual Rights as owners.
But only with the help of all parties involved will we be able to finally achieve our goals to better protect the consumer in Florida.  It took many years and even more horror stories to make our elected officials realize that reforms are necessary. And even if the industry is still balking, their representatives have to realize that it will be harder and harder to sell a flawed system to the public.  We just can't knowingly lure more people to Florida, if our laws don't provide the necessary protection for their welfare!  

The present system is seriously flawed.  Nobody can argue about it.  Proof is on the table!   Florida citizens deserve the protection of their government to fight for their rights and enforce the Florida Statutes.  Otherwise -- why create laws that nobody obeys?  

We need all the help we can get to have another successful year!

We need our elected officials to be willing to protect the rights of their constituents. 

We need the media to publish the problems of this housing system and make the public aware what is really going on. Many prospective homeowners wouldn't buy property in associations, if the truth would be known. 

And we need the help of all Florida citizens and property owners to convince our elected officials that reforms are necessary. Let them know: "We are as mad as hell and we won't take it any more”!

Joining is simple!  After you visit our website, sign our Guest Book and click on the JOIN button. You can print your Membership Application and send it to the address provided with our modest membership fee of $20 or go directly to this link http://www.ccfj.net/join.htm.  Or join by using the convenient PayPal system we installed on the Home Page.

JOIN us now and be a part of a movement that derives its “POWER FROM THE PEOPLE.” We really need you!

UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! Please consider this great motto, especially when talking about politics in our great State!

I wish you and your families all the best for the New Year, Health and Happiness, and the return of the old saying: "Our Home Is Our Castle!"

Happy New Year!
Jan Bergemann
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

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