Cape HOA pays extra after company fails to pay bill

Article Courtesy of WINK NEWS
By Lindsay Sablan

Published December 4 , 2016


CAPE CORAL -- An ongoing Call for Action investigation has found another person claiming Goldy Krekic of Cape Coral-based Croat Pavers did not follow through on a

Jerry Dout, president of the Rubicon Condo Association in Cape Coral, recently reached out to WINK News after his condo association received a lien for a job he
thought he fully paid for.

Dout said he paid Krekic $7,410 in July to put in new pavers around the association’s pool.

But in September, Dout said his condo association received a lien on their property because Krekic did not pay the company supplying the pavers.

As a result, Dout’s condo association has to pay an additional $2,392.60 to Tremron, the company that supplied the pavers, to get the lien taken off their property.

“I would obviously like to not have to pay all this extra money because we paid for it,” Dout said.
Krekic and his lawyer declined to comment.

When hiring a contractor, make sure to get a release of lien from every subcontractor or supplier of materials before making a final payment to avoid getting taken
advantage of when a contractor doesn’t pay.

Money reimbursed for one unhappy customer

WINK News Call for Action first learned about Rita Fittro’s problem with Krekic and Croat Pavers more than a month ago.

Fittro said she paid Krekic $10,980 as a down payment for a new pool.

But she discovered Krekic wasn’t qualified to build the pool, so he hired another company to do the job. When she faced difficulty getting her deposit refunded, she
called WINK News Call for Action.

Krekic gave Fittro a check in October, but the check was postdated for Nov. 20. On Monday, the Fittros went to the bank and finally got their money back.

“It [the check] was good. So we want to thank WINK News and everybody that has helped us along the way to get here,” Fittro said. “It really meant a lot to us.”

Fittro was the first person to contact WINK News about issues she had with Croat Pavers and Krekic.

Since her story aired, six other customers complained to WINK News about the company.