Homeowners fight back against HOA

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By Elizabeth Alvarez
Published November 23, 2008

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- People living in the Woodland Lakes Preserve, located off Curry Cord road in East Orange County are at odd with their homeowners association after finding out they have to shell out more than $600 for an emergency HOA fee.


Emotions ran high Friday night as around 200 people crammed in the community pavilion.

It’s right before the holidays,” said Marcus Gilmore. “I mean families, there are a lot of hardships. I’m not paying it.”

Homeowners recently learned they will have to pay $662, an emergency HOA assessment the HOA cited a budget shortfall mostly due to foreclosures.

The HOA is controlled by the developer of the community Deluca Homes; they wouldn’t

return calls and no one at their office would comment.

According to HOA laws an emergency assessment may be levied at anytime.

“This is the holiday season,” said homeowner Inez Frank.  “Two weeks to make that kind of a payment with no advance notice. Whether legally they’re allowed to do that or not its tough for a lot of families.”


Homeowners are putting together a committee in hopes of negotiating with the HOA.
They are proposing a payment arrangement of some type. 

HOA charging residents ‘emergency assessment