Man says homeowners association had his legally-parked car towed from handicapped spot

Article and Video Courtesy of

Channel 47 Action News

By Brittany Jones

Published September 4, 2015



JACKSONVILLE -- A man says his car was towed from a handicap parking spot after a homeowners association instituted 15-minute parking while he was out of town.


Jeff Chapman says the homeowners association changed the parking sign, without warning, and his car was towed while he was out of town over the weekend.

“If you going to do something stupid like that give me some warning,” Chapman said.

Now he says he’s racking up fees because the car is in the tow truck company's impound lot.

There are only four handicapped spots in the neighborhood and the other ones are further from Chapman’s home.

Chapman’s family says the truck was legally parked and they want it back.

“I would like them to return his vehicle at no cost to him,” Chapman's son-in-law Jose Mastre said.

The association would not confirm or deny that the sign was changed. It also did not say if it was legal or not.

The Fair Housing Act says it’s unlawful for any person or entity to refuse to make reasonable accommodations to policies and services when necessary.

Chapman says he hopes he gets his car back soon because he only has 90 days before the tow truck company sells it.