Lakewood Ranch new rules prohibit children from playing on the street

Article and Video Courtesy of ABS Action News

By Carson Chambers

Published December 21, 2013

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LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. - The motto in Lakewood Ranch is "Live. Work. Play."
"They're always itching to come outside and play," said mom Luisa Capra. But on Miramar Way, play has just been outlawed. "Never, ever, ever have I heard of anything so absurd," said Capra.


"I was just completely appalled. It's just getting to the point where I don't know where they want the kids to play? Inside on an X Box I guess," said Anne Sofie Hait.
Hait is mom to two boys, 3 and 7 years old. Her kids aren't allowed to play on their own street anymore because the Miramar at the Country Club Homeowner's Association passed a new bylaw last week. "We're trying to make the place safe. We're trying to make it safe for those people who

have kids in the community and they should be the ones that should be happy about that, not upset," said Bill Rompf.
HOA Board and Committee members say safety is the reason they passed it. There's one road through the community. It's narrow, windy and drivers speed. The Board has not set a fine yet. 
"You can come around a corner and there will be three or four kids out there doing something," said Miramar HOA Board Member Tony Olender.


Olender says there are other places in Lakewood Ranch for kids to play. "It's kind of the motto of the community so you can live, work and play- that's the idea and there's plenty of place to go do that too," he said.
It's an amended motto that probably wouldn't fit on the sign.
"It's filled with children and great schools across the way and we all want our kids to be outside. We 

don't want them on iPads and you know, video games. You want them active," said Hait.