Cop Suspended For Wrongfully Arresting Woman

70-year-old woman arrested for not wearing her community I.D. badge

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Channel 9 -- WFTV -- Orlando

Published January 8, 2010

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A Clermont police officer was suspended without pay after wrongfully arresting a 70-year-old woman. Geri Fabber was arrested at the clubhouse inside the gated King's Ridge community after she forgot to wear her community I.D. badge.


Officer Kyle Bermingham admitted it was his decision to arrest her for trespassing, even though he knew she was a resident.


An internal investigation determined Bermingham was wrong, because police are supposed to enforce laws, not community rules.


"I can't tell you how anxiety-producing and embarrassing that is. It's almost an unbelievable kind of scenario," Fabber said.


The charges were later dropped.


Bermingham was also suspended in 2009 after he and another officer left a suspected drunk driver unattended in a holding cell while they went on another call.