Oviedo homeowner fights HOA

over rental home next door

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9, Orlando

Published January 18, 2015  



SEMINOLE COUNTY -- A Seminole County homeowner said he is fighting his homeowner's association over of a rental home that's next to his.
Dan Burns lives in Cypress Head at the Enclave, a gated community in Oviedo. But he told Eyewitness News that the home next door has been a nightmare for years.


"There were huge, huge parties where literally taxi vans were dropping people off," Burns said.

Burns claims the owners have used the home as a rental property and lease the house to University of Central Florida students.

According to Burns, nine students have lived in the four-bedroom home at one time. He showed Channel 9 photos of cars parked all over the property and large piles of trash along the street, but said that's not the worst of it.

"We witnessed two men who were renting the home engaged in sexual activity in the front yard," Burns said.

Burns said he thinks the HOA hasn't done enough to fix the problem and he's hired an attorney, who sent a letter to the association demanding money to cover the cost of dealing with the neighbors.

Channel 9 tried asking HOA President Judy Walker about Burns' claims, but she didn't want to discuss it. The actual owners of the home, who are also Oviedo residents, couldn't be reached for comment.

Burns showed WFTV emails from the property management company for the HOA, Pinnacle Property Management, stating it has cited the homeowners in the past.