Computer theft puts HOA residents' personal info in unknown hands

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 -- Orlando

By Lori Brown

Published March 2, 2013

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KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Kissimmee police said a thief now has the bank account information for thousands of people who belong to a homeowners' association.

A property management company for six communities in Osceola, Orange and Polk counties had its computer server stolen Monday, police said.

Channel 9's Lori Brown discovered a lot of homeowners who are upset because no one told them of the theft.

"Why didn't they notify us immediately?" asked resident Frank Rosario. "This is unacceptable."

Rosario said he is worried after Brown told him that police said someone stole a computer server that contained homeowners' names, bank accounts and routing numbers from Florida Association Management.

Rosario said he knows just how many problems identity theft can bring. He said he was a victim of it 13 years ago.

"I had a warrant out for my arrest and everything from someone who stole my identity. I had to clear that up, it took months," said Rosario.

According to a police report, the owner of the homeowner's association management company discovered the server was missing when she could not connect to it Monday.

A detective wrote that there were no signs of a break in, and that the thief may have a key.


The business owner told police that she found the front door of her business unlocked when she arrived at work three times in less than a month.

The management business would not speak with Brown about the incident.

"It's sickening. I don't think the association is doing its job," said homeowner Ralph Solis.

Florida Association Management released the following statement Thursday evening:

On behalf of Florida Association Management:
Florida Association Management is a property management company that has been established and successfully serving homeowner associations across central Florida for many years.  Recently we were the victim of a burglary. Florida Association Management immediately notified law enforcement to hopefully help capture the person or persons involved with the crime. In addition we have notified and are working with the boards of each Association that we serve. We want to ensure each homeowner that we are available to answer any question that they may have as timely as possible. Any future question from the media should be directed to Lippman Law Offices at 407-648-4213.

WEBSITE:  Florida Association Management