HOA refuses to clean fence graffiti

Video Courtesy of Channel 8 News, Tampa

Reporting By Natalie Shepherd

Published August 9, 2012

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One homeowner in Pinellas County was surprised when their Homeowner's Association refused to clean a fence covered in spray paint.


Most people will probably agree graffiti does not look good -- can even bring down neighborhood and that's why one homeowner in Pinellas County was so surprised when a homeowner's association refused to clean a fence that was covered by spray paint.

The family's backyard is an oasis. There's a pool that overlooks a lush green wetland. It's unsightly and brings down the property value. Black graffiti is painted on a fence in clear view of his yard -- a fence that belongs to Steeplechase Town Homes. Wade says he's been battling property management for months trying to get it cleaned up.

Wade says he spoke with the president of the board. He told me to call the management company. He called them, but got very few calls back. They said that they are not doing anything about this issue.


Adding insult to injury wade showed us part of the offense that didn't get cleaned up that it's the part residents of Steeplechase can see. The problem could be taken care of with a simple fix that just required some paint remover. 


Wade took his concerns to Progressive Management the management firm in charge of the property. They declined to comment on camera. In an email exchange president Maureen Reardan offered several explanations. She says the way they can't see the graffiti from their yards and a sheriff's office advised Steeplechase not to have it removed. But she eventually agreed to fix the problem and within two days the graffiti was completely removed.

County officials have some tips if you have problems: If the graffiti is new, just call law enforcement. The sheriff's office can investigate. If the graffiti has been there for a while, call code enforcement. The property owners can be cited for failing to maintain their property if they don't clean the graffiti up.