Speed Busters: Riverview neighborhood a shortcut for speeding drivers

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 8 On Your Side

By Leslee Lacey

Published October 2, 2017



RIVERVIEW -- A neighborhood street in Riverview has a split personality. It’s mostly quiet as a mouse but as soon as rush hour hits, residents say the subdivision of Riverview Meadows turns into a speedway.


Residents told WFLA Traffic Reporter Leslee Lacey that drivers began using their neighborhood as a shortcut when another entrance opened up on Symmes Road.

Riverview Meadows homeowner Elizabeth Radhakrishnan says she invested in the neighborhood a couple years ago because it was quiet, safe and family friendly. Then months after closing on her house, the second entrance opened and non-residents began turning right from Symmes Road onto Warren Oaks Place to get to US 301.

This lets commuters avoid waiting at a busy traffic light at Symmes Rd and US 301.

“It’s very unsafe for our children and our families because what’s happening is they are bypassing that light and it’s causing heavy traffic and speeders,” said Radhakrishnan.

And to make matters worse, travel apps like WAZE will actually route drivers down her small subdivision to shorten their commute.

HOA President Gerald Torre says speeding and high volume traffic has become a serious issue with home owners.

“There have been about three homes sold since then, and most of them have said because of the speeders and because of all the heavy traffic.”

Leslee took out her speed buster gun was found it was extremely quiet with barely any cars coming by. This was around 10 am. She saw one person cutting through and he was traveling 8 mph over the 25mph speed limit. She caught a resident speeding as well.

So, she asked Torre if she needed to come back at a different time. “So, you think if I came back here between 5 and 7:30 I am going to have a different picture?

“Absolutely,” replied Torre. “Ok, I’m gonna do it,” said Leslee.

So, Leslee returned after 5:30 pm and she saw exactly what the residents were describing. Many vehicles cutting through the subdivision on a regular basis to avoid waiting in traffic at the red light on Symmes Rd at 301. Leslee quickly speed busted a driver going 39 mph! That’s 19 mph over the speed limit in a small residential area.

“We’ve gone to the dept. of transportation. We went to the sheriff’s office. We reached out to out HOA and we just can’t seem to have an answer,” Radhakrishnan said.

Leslee reached out to Hillsborough County Traffic Management and the sheriff’s office and will follow up on what they can do to help these residents.