HOA orders attacking dogs be removed from neighborhood

Article and Video Courtesy of FOX 4 -- Naples

By Carl Fortier

Published September 16, 2014

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NAPLES, Fla. - Sheryl Council was walking her two Yorkshire terriers Andy and Archie on Labor Day when two golden retrievers bolted from a nearby driveway and mauled the small dogs.
"Each dog shook one of the Yorkies," Sheryl recalled.

Sheryl, the woman in charge of the retrievers and another neighbor tried to stop the attack.

One of the larger dogs dropped Archie, and Sheryl was able to scoop him up in her arms.

"The other dog kept shaking Andy, and then dropped Andy," Shery said.

"The other golden picked Andy up and started shaking him again." 


When it was over, Archie was badly bruised Andy, the smaller of the two Yorkies, lay dying.

He passed away on the way to the vet. Thursday night, the home owner's association for the Queens Park neighborhood voted unanimously to tell the owners of the retrievers to get rid of the dogs.


The woman who was in charge of the golden retrievers paid for Andy to be cremated.

While Sheryl is relieved that that the retrievers' owners have been told to get rid of the dogs, she said no one wins in this situation.

"We lost a member of our family, and they're losing two members of their family," she said.

"This is very unusual and I so I was very sad to hear of this," said Colin Glass, a dog trainer for Bark Busters in Collier County.

He was as surprised as anyone that the attacking dogs were golden retrievers.

He says it's possible that the excitement of coming home from a ride could have had the retrievers amped up.

"Adrenaline could certainly have played a major part in the aggression," Glass said.

Sheryl Council says the owners of the retrievers have expressed remorse for what happened, and a willingness to do whatever is decided should be done with their dogs.

"Hopefully they stand behind their word," she said.