HOA proposing rule to fine parents if kids play outside

Article and Video Courtesy of FOX 35 NEWS Orlando

By Holly Bristow

Published April 7, 2011

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EDGEWATER, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - If one homeowners association in Edgewater has its way, children will not be allowed to ride their bikes and play out side, without the direct control of a "responsible" adult. The Persimmon Place HOA came up with a new proposed list of rules.

Part of rule number 4 states that "children will not be permitted to run, play tag, or act boisterously on the association property."

The proposed rules also say no playing in common areas or parking lots including the driveway. Some families who live there are outraged.

Five-year-old Maddox rode his bike around the cul-de-sac in front of his motherís town home Sunday

afternoon. If some members of the Persimmon Place HOA have their way, by this time next month, his mother would be fined for this. "I don't think you should take the right way to ride your bike and play kickball and yell and scream outside," said Keller.

But according to the new set of recommended rules and regulations for the association, that's exactly what would happen. Rule number four starts by saying children will be under the direct control of adults at all times. "Children will not be allowed to run, play tag, or act boisterously on the association property". It also states that there is no playing in common areas or parking lots including driveways and no playing in front of the rear of units. "As you can see everything is pretty much common areas except that 3 feet we own," said Keller.

FOX 35 stopped by one of the HOA board members homes asked why they're trying to stop kids from playing outside. All she would tell us. "It's been blown out of proportion," said one board member. Then she told us to leave the property. If the new rules are passed, the proposed fine for a child caught playing in the drive or in the common areas is $100. "They're going to have to get that money out of me because that's not going to happen. They can ticket me all they want. My kids are going to play," said neighbor Shonna Mayer.


All homeowners will get their chance to vote on these new rules on April 27. Over 50 percent, which would be more than 25 homeowners would have to vote in favor for this to pass. They've contacted a lawyer who is researching the legalities of this and they plan on fighting this.