Neighbors: Man's Home Decor Nuisance For Community

Hanging Underwear, Mound Of Sand Causes Neighborhood Problems

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Channel 2 WESH.COM, Orlando

Published March 7, 2010

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A Volusia County home has become a nuisance for an entire neighborhood, and county code enforcement is now involved. 


Clothes hung around the home and a mound of sand out front are just a couple of the many problems, neighbors said.

"This was, at one time, arguably the prettiest house in the neighborhood," said Wilbur-by-the-Sea resident Pam Lucas.

Lucas is also the president of the local homeowner's association, and she said that since the current resident moved in several years back, things have turned ugly along Venetian Way.


The paint color is an eye-opener, but it's the underwear strung up all around the house, the debris piled high and the ungainly sand mound with projectiles sticking out that disturb so many.


Lucas said most people in the neighborhood are elderly.

"I would imagine that would create stress for anybody, and it has created stress for some of our older neighbors, and we are concerned for them," she said.

Robert Hodges, who goes by the name Prince Mongo, wasn't home on Friday, but neighbors think what they call a bizarre eyesore is retaliation.

Hodges, whose nephew owns the property, was forced to take down an unpermitted deck. That's when the property became a landfill that attracts a steady stream of gawkers, residents said.


"They're looking at this as they're driving," Lucas said. "They're not paying attention to their driving, so yes, there certainly is a safety issue here."

WESH 2's Claire Metz said it wasn't easy to get anyone in the neighborhood to talk about the property. People in the area are reluctant to confront Hodges. Some said they're afraid of him, but others said they worry they'd be drawing attention to the home and it could get worse.

The property has repeatedly been cited by


county code enforcement, and there are new violations that have been filed, along with a $1,000 lien. Residents are demanding more action, and soon.