After making a few calls, Ambrosio found her car has been towed away by Massive Towing.

When she asked an employee why she was towed, they told her complex rules state the car couldn’t be on the grass.

"A lot of people live in communities that are deed restricted, and they don't read their rules and regulations,” said Rubin Ramos, the manager of Massive Towing.

Ramos said he talks to people all the time who are in the same boat as Ambrosio. People who are towed from their neighborhoods for breaking small but strict rules set by their Homeowners Association.

He said his company is contracted to about 13 communities in the area, which they patrol picking up at least a few cars a day. But Ramos said they don't make the rules.

“We just enforce them,” Ramos said.

Ambrosio finally got her car back after paying approximately $130, which included cab fare.