Hallandale Condo Board Member Arrested

Article and Video Courtesy of 

CBS Channel 4 -- Ft. Lauderdale

Natalia Zea Reporting

Hallandale, May 24, 2007

(CBS4) HALLANDALE BEACH Members of a Hallandale condo association, along with police, gathered to announce the arrests of two suspects who were allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from residents.

Two arrests have been made as a result of the 17-month investigation into financial fraud at the Parker Plaza Condo Complex. The suspects allegedly stole money designated for renovations and upkeep of the building at 2030 S. Ocean Drive. They would allegedly use inflated estimates for repair work to pocket the excess money for themselves

Manager Robert Hittner, 59, and contractor Ira Silver, 62, are the suspects arrested, but more arrests are expected.

Hittner is the condo manager, accused of stealing dues from residents.

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State Representative Julio Robaina (R-Miami)  created the pilot program "How To Catch The Thieves In Our Associations". His efforts helped to start this desperately needed program!

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