Homeowners hopeful bill inspired by Hammocks HOA will become law

Article Courtesy of CBS Miami

By Ivan Taylor

Published April 9, 2023



MIAMI - A bill inspired by the headaches faced by Hammocks HOA homeowners seems to be unstoppable on its way to becoming law.

HB919 recently passed through its first committee, one of three with overwhelming support.

"Thirteen in favor and one against," said Juan Carlos Porras, the state representative who sponsored the bill and the Hammocks is in his jurisdiction.

The bill creates criminal penalties for "kickbacks." So, that means that any association member who's personally financing from some of these contracts would be held criminally liable if they receive a large amount of money.

At the Hammocks, an investigation of a scheme of corruption started back in 2017 and in November 2020, five people were charged with running a massive fraud that allegedly looted more than one million dollars from the homeowners.


Some of the members of the board were reportedly under investigation.

"HB919 allows for immediate removal of any HOA director who's under investigation of several crimes which can be the embezzlement of funds, voters intimidation," said Porras.

Marco Antonio Real and Carlos Villalobos are not only happy about HB919. They are now running for a position with the new board and if they win, they will face the test.

Real said, "As a first step, it's a fantastic success."

"Millions of homeowners are going through the hell that we went through," said Villalobos.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernadez Rundle and Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava stated next to Porras their support for the bill, because of what they called an avalanche of complaints and older people losing their homes.

A part that is new to the bill is removing the ability of HOA to issue leans over petty fines. Fines such as parking fees and the color of someone's house.

Porras said he is optimist that before the end of May the bill will become law in Florida.