New Florida law expands right to display flags despite rules created by local HOAs
Starting July 1, Gov. DeSantis signed a bill increasing the number of flags homeowners can display regardless of rules created by the homeowners' association.

Article Courtesy of The First Coast News

By Taylor Levesque

Published June 19, 2023


JACKSONVILLE — In July, a new law will take effect expanding the right to display flags regardless of rules created by homeowners associations.

Governor DeSantis signed a bill that increases the number of flags homeowners can display regardless of rules created by the homeowners association. The flags allowed to be displayed include the American flag, armed forces flags, State of Florida flag, POW-MIA flag, and first responder flags.

The law takes effect on July 1.

Before this, a Jacksonville man says he battled the homeowner's association in his Jacksonville neighborhood for more than a decade after he put an American flag in the yard of his home.


"I had a small American flag 4x6, and I stuck it in flowerpot on my front porch. It was a small flag, but it stood for a big thank you for what, what they did and sacrifice. I was in the Air Force for six years," Jacksonville resident Larry Murphree said.

Larry Murphree is a veteran.

He says he got a violation letter from the Sweetwater neighborhood homeowner's association for having an 'unauthorized object'. They asked him to take it down, but he refused and was fined.

"The flag stands for everything that's good about this country. And why people want to tear it down or not respected or whatever... beyond my comprehension," Murphree said.

Murphree says he doesn't regret defending his right to fly the flag. But, it came with a financial burden. He spent more than $200,000 in legally fees but only He eventually won a judgement of $1,223.

"It got so unbearable out their way they were picking on me that I had to move," Murphree said.

In honor of Flag Day, Murphree says he now lives in a Jacksonville community where he can peacefully display his American flag.

"If you believe in something, and you have the opportunity to stand up and fight for it. If you don't, you will regret it the rest of your life. I gave it my best shot. Like I said, the flag never loses," Murphree said.