Homeowners' groups need rules
Letter to the Editor -- Sun Sentinel
Published February 8, 2004

Julie Baker, deputy secretary with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, has her head in the sand -- on Mars. How can she state with a straight face that "Regulation is not needed now," regarding homeowners associations being included under her department as are condos, etc.?

Every week you read about a flag, mailbox, bench, another petty foreclosure, etc. Even I had to file suit in Small Claims Court to get legal invoices, which are deemed not privileged information by the Florida Supreme Court and are allowed as financial documents by the Florida Statute 720.303.

Stupidly, to get multiple documents as permitted by law but are refused by the directors, you have to file a Small Claims Court case once for each document -- clogging the now-overworked court system. 

Also, unfortunately, our tunnel-visioned governor is against more regulation of any kind. Doesn't he realize the proposed regulation includes HOAs paying to cover the cost as now do condos? Is he also on Mars?

J.W. Schmalz Jr. 
Boynton Beach