Deep Creek residents upset

Letter To Editor


Letter to Editor: Courtesy of The Sun Herald

By Maria Rinaldo, Punta Gorda
Published January 23, 2005



Lee Dunn's comment "I'm a nice guy" would almost be funny if it was not such a serious situation.

He allegedly threw out 600-plus votes, the majority of which are residents' votes not builders; wasted residents' money on frivolous lawsuits; misled us about Robert Evans resignation; publicly attacked a resident's character because he lost a lawsuit to him and wasted our money on police protection. Don't tell us you will not take money from the association and then agree to taking a 5-year, $45,000 contract plus a $30,000 bonus.

Dunn dismissed the "disgruntled election losers" as pawns of developers and investors. The people who are fed up, angry and so disappointed with Dunn's performance are the majority of the residents on Deep Creek, not developers and investors.

The hundreds of people who continuously booed Dunn at the two meetings this past December were residents not builders. And the 500-plus people who showed up at a word-of-mouth meeting at Victoria Estates in October for a "concerned citizens'" meeting were residents not builders and investors.


We can only hope the right thing will be done, through the State of Florida Election Office and the Department of Business and Professional Division of Florida, and have the election overturned and appoint the people (Jakubaitis, Della Camera and Brown) who rightfully won the election.

Homeowner association actions spawn rebellion