Homeowner's association disbands
Homeowner's association disbands
Homeowner's association disbands
Homeowner's association disbands

Article Courtesy of Highlands Today

By Gary Pinnell

Published December 19, 2013


SEBRING -The Highlands County Homeowner's Association has conducted its last meeting.

"We were putting on meetings and only three representatives would show up," said Rick Ingler, a former chairman and the current vice chair.

At the February meeting, for instance, Ray Royce, executive director of the Highlands County Citrus Grower's Association, talked about agricultural diseases, and Kyle Green, county road and bridge director, talked about roads that will be resurfaced this year and why the county takes over some roads, but not others.

In March, director Mike Willingham explained the future impact of Sebring Regional Airport. However, the attendance list in the minutes included only the speakers and committee members like Denise Williams representing veterans, Andy Tuck from the school board, and Jerome Kaszubowski from the court clerk's office.

For more than two years, Ingler said, there has been a lack of participation.

"It only cost $50," Ingler said. "We even sent out a letter, two letters, begging them to pick a representative that would spend the time to come to the meeting. We got lots of checks, but no one would show up at the meetings."

The association was formed more than 30 years ago to inform the representatives about issued that affect homeowners, Ingler said.

The idea was that homeowner's associations would send their representatives to the meetings, and the representatives would take the information back to association meetings in Spring Lake, Sun n' Lake, Avon Park Lakes and others.

"There's just such an apathy out there," said Ingler , who worked with the organization for more than eight years. "We did all this work to put on the meetings. You have no idea how long it takes to prepare for these meetings, and arrange for two speakers."