Broken fences, broken glass: How vandals destroy homeowner's associations assets


Courtesy of WTSP - Tampa Bay's 10 News - Tampa / St. Petersburg

By: Dave Bohman
Published 7/28/2006


Riverview, Florida - Carol Fleming wanted to see if her key card would get her into the South Fork pool.

Carol Fleming, South Fork resident:
“All in here the graffiti…all in here.
Anna Linvill, South Fork resident:
“Normally, we have all sorts of broken bottles out here.”
The playground has issues too.

Anna Linvill says is often surrounded by broken glass, dirty tables….and a potentially dangerous slide where bolts were removed from a covering.

Linvill says that hasn't been fixed in four months, and she wonders where her association dues are going.

Anna Linvill, South Fork resident:
“They do a great job of landscaping the median where people come in to see the model homes. But we don't get any maintenance.”

The property is managed by the Rampart Company, where a spokesperson told us the company has no comment, when we asked about homeowner complaints.

Carol Fleming, South Fork resident:
“And this is dangerous in the pool.”
And neighbors like Carol Fleming find something to comment about every day.

Carol Fleming, South Fork resident:
“Beer cans, stuff like that you find in the pool, and that's very dangerous for the kids and all.”
Property managers have patched up some of the gaping holes, until a newer stronger fence can be installed.

Homeowners can only hope it is more vandal proof.