Roofer delivers the wrong shingles to multiple homes in one Hillsborough subdivision
Homeowners say roofer violated contract

Article Courtesy of  ABC Action News

By Jackie Callaway    

Published April 13, 2018


Hurricane Irma peeled away countless tiles on dozens of homes in Riverview's South Pointe subdivision. The homeowner's association says more than a dozen homeowners hired advanced home solutions to re-roof their homes.

Homeowner Dusty Jaworski says her contract called for Timberline shingles, but that's not what the roofer installed. The HOA’s Kristy Deaton says Advanced Home Solutions nailed the wrong shingles on two homes and delivered Landmark shingles instead of Timberline to the third house.

The HOA says it was able to get the roofer to correct the issues on the other homes, but not the third one. The wrong shingles sat on the roof for more than two weeks.

We managed to catch up with the president of the company by phone.

Ty Hillman blamed an ex-employee for repeatedly ordering the wrong shingles.

In an email he said: “Nevertheless our job is to provide our customers with the best possible repair and outcome...we have corrected the shingles on our end to GAF as stated in the contract.”

The HOA confirmed that days after our call the company returned to this house. They removed the wrong shingles and finished the job using the Timberline shingles per the contract.