Florida neighbors urge HOA to do something about

home-invading wild boars

Article Courtesy of UPI NEWS

By Ben Hooper   

Published January 30, 2017


Neighbors in the Avalon Park area of Orlando said the boars, which live in a reserve bordering the neighborhood, have been spotted periodically during the past two years, and recently they have been sighted tearing up yards and even entering homes.


"Well, the problem is they come straight to your house," Carmen Caraballo, a 16-year resident of the neighborhood, told WFTV. "They're not afraid of coming in, and they make those huge holes everywhere."

"I know they start scratching; scratching the floor," she said.

Neighbor Pat-Ann Gangasingh said she has repeatedly complained about the hogs to the area homeowners association.

"It's just ridiculous to have these kinds of animals come out and tear up your property and you get nothing out of it," Gangasingh told WKMG-TV.

She said the homeowners association assured her the pigs would be trapped and relocated, but the animals' presence in the area does not seem to have been reduced.

Two dogs confront a wild boar in the Avalon Park neighborhood of Orlando.


"It's a beautiful neighborhood, very quiet, and they should take care of us because we pay our homeowners fees," Gangasingh said.

The association's budget shows $5,700 is allocated each year for wild boar removal.

"But still," Caraballo said. "Coming in, I don't know what else to do."

She said she worries about her family's safety.

"My daughter, coming down with the baby," she said. "They got to be careful, because you never know."