Residents of Valencia Reserve near Boynton Beach don't want water ski park

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 5 WTPV

By Miranda Christian

Published January 23, 2021



BOYNTON BEACH — A community in unincorporated Boynton Beach is fighting to stop a water ski park from being built.

Over 200 people who live in the area held a protest this afternoon.

Valencia Reserve H.O.A. President Jeffrey Schepp stands in front of hundreds of people who live in the neighborhood.

The group is fighting this new lake being built across from them, which could potentially be a water ski park.

Schepp says this lake was built with no permits or approval from the county.

On Thursday a county grand magistrate will look at all the code violations from this past year.

These residents hope that will finally stop the developer from continuing.

Jeffrey Pepper says he has watched this land go from farming to this.

He says he doesn’t want to hear the noise from a water ski park.

A phone call made to the lawyer who represents the developer was not returned on Monday.

People at the protest say they plan to pay attention to what happens at the meeting on Thursday and they hope the county does something more to stop what is going on there.