Trash left rotting at Jacksonville condo complex for weeks, neighbors say

Article Courtesy of  Action news Jacksonville

By Christy Turner

Published December 20, 2017


Neighbors at a Jacksonville condominium complex say trash has been building up for several weeks.

Action News Jax went to Stonebridge Village and found piles of trash sitting on the street.

Pat Sulyma lives at the complex. She said the garbage has been rotting in the sun for four weeks.

“It smells really bad, and we live with that every day,” she said.


Sulyma says there is only one dumpster for 400 units.

“The other is broken or full,” she said.


With flies now finding their way into homes, neighbors say they are concerned for their health.


“We are going to get dysentery,” Sulyma said. “It’s not good to have those flies roaming around our food.”

Neighbors said the management company, First Service Residential, gave its waste company a 30-days' notice and the company is now refusing to collect the trash.

Neighbors said the new waste company doesn’t start until the end of January.

One of the dumpsters was picked up this morning, but there was still trash left in its place.

“It's just impossible to live like this,” Sulyma said.

Action News Jax asked to speak with management at the complex but employees locked their doors and refused to speak to a reporter.

Action News Jax called the corporate office and left a message. We have yet to hear back.