Former Turnberry Reserve security guard files lawsuit claiming injuries, emotional distress

Article Courtesy of  WFTV Channel 9 Orlando

By Karla Ray

Published July 5, 2020


OSCEOLA COUNTY — A moment caught on camera between an Osceola County commissioner and a Turnberry Reserve security guard led to the woman's arrest and is now the subject of a lawsuit.

The suit filed claims injuries and emotional distress by the security guard, Ailyn Depena.

Depena no longer works for the Osceola County community after the HOA broke ties with Management 35 Firm following months of reporting by Channel 9.

Though she did continue working for months after her arrest, Depena claims in this lawsuit that she suffered physical injuries and a loss of work following the incident.

The suit claims Hawkins “physically forced his way past Depena by moving her aside with his body” and then “falsely claimed that she touched or struck him without his consent.”

The suit goes on to claim that “despite knowing that Depena had not committed a crime, deputy Marquith forcefully grabbed and twisted her arm and pushed her out of the rented room and through a dense crowd.”

The law firm representing Depena told Channel 9 they had no comment in regards to the suit.