Kissimmee property management company owner arrested, charged with fraud, impersonating officer

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 WFTV

By Karla Ray and Sarah Wilson   

Published April 27, 2020



OSCEOLA COUNTY — The former property manager exposed by 9 Investigates for allowing her ex-cop-turned-felon boyfriend to run security in a Kissimmee neighborhood was arrested for fraud and impersonating an officer, according to Osceola County Jail records.


Sherry Raposo is the owner of the property management company that was fired by the homeowners association at Turnberry Reserve earlier this year following a series of 9 Investigates reports.

After Channel 9 investigative reporter Karla Ray exposed Raposo’s longtime boyfriend, Joseph Conover’s, criminal past including false arrest accusations tied to his time as a company police officer in North Carolina state investigators took notice.

Investigators accused Raposo and Conover of breaking the law for providing security services without a proper license.

The fallout led to an uprising in the community with residents trying to overthrow the HOA board of directors and eventually the board conceding to concerns about Raposo’s Management 35 firm.

So far Conover has not been arrested.

Ray has reached out to investigators in Tallahassee and in Osceola County to get the details of Raposo’s arrest.

Former Turnberry Reserve HOA property manager, Sherry Raposo, was taken to the Osceola County Jail following her arrest.