Resident: HOA won't help after UCF students renting next door leave condoms, urinate in yard

Article Courtesy of WFTV Channel 9 Orlando

By Jeff Deal

Published June 11, 2016


OVIEDO -- Dan Burns said he's been living a nightmare for six years inside the gated Cypress Head at the Enclave community in Oviedo.

"We are in a bad situation," said Burns.

Burns said the situation stems from the home next door on White Heron Place. The owner of that home rents to University of Central Florida students.

Burns has documented cars parked everywhere, trashed piled up in front of the home, a mailbox knocked down and wild parties.

"Two men engaged in sexual activity in the front yard. I've had used condoms placed in my driveway," said Burns.

Burns showed Channel 9 video of a man urinating in his yard, and people next door working on his fence that he claimed they knocked down.

Resident said his HOA won't help after UCF students renting next door leave condoms, urinate in yard in Oviedo.

"You think the HOA should do something about this?” asked reporter Jeff Deal.

“Definitely," neighbor Tracy Decker said.

Decker lives across the street, and she said she's seen the same problems and nothing has been done.

Burns is so fed up that he took it to mediation with the homeowners association, but that ended with "no agreement" coming out of it.

Burns said he received a letter from an HOA attorney saying, "Compliance on the property has been met."

"They said, ‘If you want to take this any further, sue us,’" Burns said.

That is what Burns is doing.

Burn's attorney, Mark Lippman, told Channel 9 he's filing a lawsuit against the homeowner and the HOA for problems they believe should have been handled years ago.