Multiple Manatee County homes damaged by storm

Article Courtesy of ABC 7 -- My Suncoast

By Erika Jackson

Published August 31, 2017

MANATEE COUNTY -- As the flood waters slowly go down, some Manatee County homeowners will have to deal with the damage from this storm over the next few weeks. Some families are trying to save what they can after the high waters found their way into condo buildings Saturday night into Sunday.


"We saw water at the front door and when we opened it there was already 2-3 inches of water inside the house," said Shadybrook Village condo resident Steve Urban.

Urban watched helplessly Saturday night as inches of water grew to feet inside his home.

"All the appliances got wet," Urban explained. "All the furniture, the china cabinet, xboxs, all the TV remotes."

He and his neighbors are now left to salvage what they can from the water before crews can evaluate the damage.

"They have to rip out all the dry wall, and all the cabinets, throw everything away; pretty much everything that got wet they want to throw away because of the bacteria," said Urban.

"This is a swimming pool," said Britton Williams of the complex. "It's so bad they're still recovering the last flood, last year at this time."

Williams' condo sits above sea level towards the front of the complex. The damage reminds her of another recent storm: Hurricane Hermine in 2016.

Residents at Shadybrook Village condominiums are having trouble getting out of the complex because of high waters in the parking lots.


"From last year to this year, it's kind of the same," said Williams. "It's a lot of rain that won't stop."

Hermine flooded Urban's condo last year and he just bought replacement furniture a few weeks ago. He said he's not looking forward to starting again from scratch.

"Everything that you lose and all the furniture and all the clean up work that has to follow," said Urban.

The water is still so high in Shadybrook Village resident's can't get their cars out of the parking lot. If they need to get out, they're going to have to use their own two feet.