Town Hall meeting called by disgruntled owners


Article Courtesy of The Historic City News

Published February 20, 2010

A group of homeowners in the St. Augustine Shores community told local news reporters at Historic City News today that they have had it with St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation.

Several members of the community have alleged extortive methods used by St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation to collect Association late fees as well as other “breaches of loyalty and trust” by members of the community’s Board of Directors; most seriously, alleged misappropriation of homeowner association funds.

Keith Goldstein, a resident of St. Augustine Shores, says that there has been an “exhaustive investigation” conducted into the internal operations of the governing body of the St. Augustine Shores community.

“As a result of the investigation,” Goldstein said, “St. John’s Law Group has been retained to represent the interests of the homeowners in a civil action.”

Goldstein says that it is imperative that all homeowners in St. Augustine Shores plan to attend the Town Hall meeting; which has been called for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 4th at the Riverview Club, 790 Cristina Drive.

It appears that the disgruntled homeowners are serious, too. Attorney Douglas Burnett, Managing Partner of the St. John’s Law Group, will be available to provide an overview of the measures that are being taken on behalf of the homeowners and to answer any questions with regard to the course of action.

Contention between homeowners, the St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation, and members of its board, are nothing new — law enforcement officers have been called to homeowner meetings in the past to preserve the peace. Goldstein, for one, believes that homeowners need to familiarize themselves with the results of this research; because of its significant impact, present and future, to the property values, amenities, financial well being of the community and quality of life in St. Augustine Shores.