Bloomingdale neighbors still dealing with speeding, HOA comes up with solution

Article Courtesy of  ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA BAY

By JJ Burton  

Published January 12, 2018


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY — Speeding is still a major issue for people living in the Bloomingdale area, specifically those living near the Erindale Drive and Culbreth Road intersection. This is the same spot where a truck crashed through a brick wall and into a family's pool in July.

"It would be nice if people would follow the speed limit for sure," said neighbor Jeffery Goddard.

The county said TECO went out after that crash in July to put in new LED lights to make the intersection brighter. But many neighbors are still looking for more to be done. The speed limit in the area is 30, but neighbors say most days drivers are going over 50.

The president of the HOA, George May, said neighbors voted to increase their taxes so the money could be used to pay off duty deputies to patrol the area at night.

"I'm not crazy about speed humps because it's not great for your car," said Goddard. "But a three-way stop with extra lights would be great."


The HOA said speed humps are not an option. The county's study of the road revealed that there isn't enough traffic at the intersection to make it a three way stop, and there's not enough space to put in a roundabout.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's office is aware of the issue and said that speeding has been a problem in the area for several years. Officials have put signs up in the area and deputies have increased patrols.

"It's good to see that the agencies are working together," Goddard said.