HOA attempts to solve vulture problem in east Orange County neighborhood
HOA brought 5 different options to table to resolve issue

Article Courtesy of  Channel 6 Click Orlando.com

By Nicky Zizaza

Published June 29, 2019


ORANGE COUNTY - Homeowners who live in the Tudor Grove at Timber Springs subdivision in east Orange County have been at war with hundreds of black vultures that perch atop roofs making life difficult for residents like Andrew and Leslie Wright.

"These birds carry 35 different diseases, one of the biggest ones being salmonella," Leslie Wright said.

The Orlando couple said they are fed up and have tried everything to get rid of them from spraying the vultures with water to putting decoys out on their property in an attempt to resolve the problem.

"We can't come out and enjoy our pool," Andrew Wright said.

The vulture infestation in their gated community is pitting the Wrights against their homeowners association and forcing them to threaten legal action.

This comes after the HOA placed responsibility on the homeowners.


"We were pretty much left to fend for ourselves so I decided to contact an attorney to give us some advice and she met with Andy and sent a demand letter to the HOA," Leslie Wright said.

The controversy sparked an HOA meeting Wednesday evening where HOA President Karl Pearson addressed the problem.

"There is no winner there is no loser, there is no first say or last say. We're going to work together as a community and that is the answer," Pearson said.

Pearson also said the HOA brought five different options to the table to resolve the issue. Pearson insisted this was not a finance problem.

"As a community we can afford to remove these birds. We can do what we need to do financially. The question is who has the liability associated when we do remove these birds," Pearson said.

It is unclear how effective Wednesday evening's efforts will be but the Wrights said they will continue to press community leaders in an attempt to get results.