Screwed over by the HOA

Ormond Beach woman suspects HOA president sent her envelope of screws

Article Courtesy of The Ormond Beach Observer

By Jarleene Almenas

Published August 22, 2018

Suspicious incident. An Ormond Beach woman found an envelope full of screws in her mailbox, along with a note reading "returning your screws." The woman advised police that she had an ongoing issue with her neighborhood's homeowner's association board members over having a playground in her property that was visible above her fence line.

The woman noticed that the envelope's return address was listed as the neighborhood's model home address and contained four non-U.S. Postal Service stamps. She told police she suspected the envelope was sent by the HOA president, due to the growing feud between them.

The HOA president recently found about four dozen screws behind the tires of his vehicle, and the woman told police she is under the impression that he believes she was the one to place them there, therefore triggering him to "return" them back to her.

The woman told police she didn't want officers to contact the HOA president, as she may want to file a civil suit soon.