Lake Charleston homeowners ask HOA for security cameras in neighborhoods after attempted abductions

Article Courtesy  WPTV -- Palm Beach

By Michelle Quesada

Published March 12, 2017


The father of a 10-year-old who was almost abducted is asking his community's HOA board for security cameras around the development.

There are nights when David Harman keeps replaying February 13th in his mind. The day his son was almost abducted.

"There's no words really, just something that's always in the back of your mind," said Harman.

The boy, who we are not identifying says he didn't notice when the white van pulled up near him on Zurich Circle in the Spinnaker Bay neighborhood. All he remembers was someone grabbing him from behind and covering his eyes.

"He grabbed me from the eyes and arms, I struggled to get free, ran into the house, got in and told my parents," said the child.


Detectives released a photo of the van and the sketch of the suspected abductor. It turns out, the man in the van had already approached two children near Winder Court in January.

Now Harman says he and his wife are pushing for security cameras in the Lake Charleston Community.

"One camera for their AC unit, one camera for their clubhouse," said Harman naming the surveillance that exists at the community clubhouse. "Nothing for security wise for the community itself."

After the incident Harman installed cameras around his home.

"That was the first question the officer asked when he came, he goes 'so you know if anybody has cameras, do you have cameras?" said Harman.


He's passing around a petition to get cameras at the entrance of every development and in the neighborhoods.

Harman will keep pushing to create change as keeps remembering the words his son said to him on that traumatizing day.

"The only thing he said was someone tried to take me," added Harman.

The HOA President is taking all suggestions into consideration. Before making a decision on what measures to take, he is calling the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to make an assessment of all 28 subdivisions to advise what the property's weaknesses are and what needs to be done to improve security.