Woman runs afoul of HOA rules

Article Courtesy of  FOX NEWS 13, Tampa Bay

Published February 11, 2015

Glorya Noyes' passion for the men and women who protect and serve us runs deep in her veins.

"I will fight for our cops. My son was a police officer. I bleed red, white and blue, said Noyes.

To show her support, she proudly displays Old Glory outside the home she rents in Colony Lakes.

A couple months ago, following the death of Tarpon Springs police officer Charles Kondek she added two blue light bulbs outside her house.

"This is for all policemen. I want them to know I support them," she added.

But last week, a letter arrived.

"This notice is a friendly reminder that the following violation has been observed for reported on 1/26/2015," she read.

The blue bulbs don't comply with the HOA rules. It has Noyes seeing red.

"It is unobtrusive. It's not bothering anybody. I'm sure my neighbors aren't concerned with it," she said.

"It is not really bothering me. It's not bright. If it's something for support, that's great," offered next-door neighbor Susan Keopadith.

A few other houses in the neighborhood also have the lights up.

Update: At first, Noyes was concerned she would face fines if she doesn't take hers down. On Wednesday the board, through its attorney, sent FOX 13 a letter, saying Noyes has not received any fines. It called the letter sent to Noyes a "courtesy notice", requesting that she remove the bulbs. The Declarations and Covenants for the association state that "fines may be imposed" when rules aren't followed. It's a lengthy process, however, which begins with notification of the alleged infraction, a hearing before a committee, and a vote -- in which a majority of the committee must agree.

Fines or no fines, Noyes told us Tuesday the lights will stay up as long as she lives there.

For its part, the Association says it fully supports local law enforcement and that "one of the Association's Board members is a retired law enforcement officer". The Board says it cannot pick and choose the rules it enforces and "Despite what the blue lights may signify, the Board reasonably believes that such lights aren't permitted" under association rules.