HOA responds to Clay County nurse’s ‘quarantine RV’ debate
President of Magnolia Point Community Association’s board of directors stands by decision to ban motor home

Article Courtesy of  News 4 Jax

By Vic Micolucci

Published April 6, 2020


GREEN COVE SPRINGS – The president of the board for a homeowners association under criticism for a policy not allowing a nurse to keep a recreational vehicle in her home has responded, a day after News4Jax published the report.

The article, about a Clay County nurse who wanted to keep her motor home in her driveway in case she or a member of her family had to isolate, garnered hundreds of comments and shares online. A note on the RV from the association stated that she would be fined up to $1,000 for not removing the camper.


Larry Hanline, the president of the Magnolia Point Community Association’s board of directors, sent an email to News4Jax Wednesday afternoon explaining the association’s side of the story. He stood by not allowing the RV in the neighborhood.

He wrote, in part:

“The owners in this case, one who is a nurse and currently working at home and the other who works at a local military base are neither infected with the COVID-19 virus nor have they been directed by authorities to self quarantine. Hence, they have no immediate or justifiable need to keep an RV at their residence.

"The owners made no attempt to contact the Association, register the RV at the front gate to obtain a standard 48 hour pass or subsequent extension(s) to keep the RV on site beyond the normal 48 hour limit. The requirement to register RVs, boats and trailers has been a long standing rule of the Association for many years.

Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club


"For the record, I received a phone call from the Lynch’s (sic) and listened to their argument to keep their RV at their home. I assured them that if they needed to self-quarantine, we would support them in the safest way possible, including parking their RV in the driveway…

"We have a number of residents who work in the medical field and not one of them has signaled a need to keep an RV at their residence ‘just in case.’ Nor has there been a pubic call to provide RVs for the purpose of quarantining individuals outside of direct hospital care.

"The HOA Board’s position is simple ... we will support and accommodate to the maximum extent possible, any valid need, and will organize community support for any resident or family that falls prey to the COVID-19 virus (or other emergent need), to provide any and all assistance desired. MPCA holds in the highest regard, law enforcement, first responders, our military, and all medical professionals who place themselves at greater risk to take care of the rest of us should we ever need medical assistance.”

News4Jax called three separate phone numbers for HOA contacts and sent an email to the board Tuesday before publishing the original article.

Wednesday night, Lynch said she received a lot of support from across the area. She responded to the board president’s allegations via an email to News4Jax.

“In the several times we have brought our RV through the gate to load/unload at our house for less than a 48 hour period, not once has the guard gate inquired, asked about or issued an RV pass, if it was strictly enforced, why not?” she wrote.

“We understand the normal HOA rules, we aren’t dense. However, we are cognizant of current events around the world and in our community and really thought that common sense and compassion would prevail; we were mistaken. I currently work remotely as a clinical nurse coordinator for cardiology for a major hospital system with multiple locations in town. I’m working long shifts at home and triaging patients around the clock in addition to home schooling my special needs child. However, I am preparing to shift into the hospital setting to help and/or replace and support nursing staff who become sick and fatigued as will likely happen with the surge of patients. It is my honor and duty as a nurse to do so. I’m trying to be proactive. At no time did he (Hanline) ever tell us that the RV would be accepted even if I should become infected because I asked if preparing ahead of time wasn’t acceptable, were we supposed to then after becoming exposed take the exposed person and a non exposed person to pick up the RV and get it set up after exposure/infection? He told me no because you can only have it here for 48 hours.”

News4Jax has received several emails from readers and viewers who offered to help pay for the fine so that Lynch could keep the RV in front of her home.

As of Wednesday night, the motorhome was still being stored off-site.