Boynton Beach man accused of robbing HOA of $51,000

Article Courtesy of Channel 25

Published May 17, 2016


BOYTON BEACH -- A local man was arrested and charged May 12 with stealing $41,000 from a home owners association, deputies say.

Norman Glavas, 69, board member and treasurer of Quail Run Association, stole $41,000 by cashing checks to "Cash," then endorsing and signing them his self, read a police report.

He was charged with grand theft, organized fraud and money laundering.

Mary Lou Hagerty, president of Quail Run Association, sent an e-mail to the Boyton Beach Police Department May 12 after she discovered a discrepancy in the association’s bank accounts.

The e-mail alleges that Glavas embezzled has been embezzling money as far back as February 2013.

Hagerty discovered 13 checks that were written out to "Cash" from February 2013 through October 2014. The checks were signed and endorsed by Glavas.

Glavas said the checks were for attorney fees, reads the police report.

Hagerty made the discovery after she began reviewing the association’s financial records.


Hagerty gave a sworn statement on May 12 that said the HOA noticed a significant decline in funds while reviewing their financial records.

Glavas was the treasurer of the association for four years until December 2014. He was the only person within the association that had access to bookkeeping records and the bank account information, reads the report.


According to the police report, Glavas refused to give the bookkeeping records to the HOA when questioned about the transactions.

Hagerty gave the investigators financial documents that supports her allegations. Hagerty gave deputies copies of the 13 checks.

Investigators conducted an investigation that included subpoenas for Sun Trust Bank, Saratoga National Bank and Center State Bank. Deputies found one check that was made out to Glavas. There is a total of 16 additional checks that show fraudulent transactions with a total loss of $51,542.59.

Hagerty said during a face-to-face conversation with Glavas, in the presence of his wife, Luba Glavas, he admitted to stealing $41,000. Hagerty said Glavas told her board members do this sort of thing all the time, the police report reads. Glavas said he deserved the money because he works hard.

The conversation happened May 9 at Glavas’ home.

Hagerty said Glavas asked her not to go to the police. Glavas said he was willing to set up monthly payments for the stolen funds. Glavas said he would not write a letter confirming his guilt.

On May 11, Glavas had a change of heart and sent Hagerty an e-mail alluding to the theft.

Glavas said a letter was not out of the question. He said he was certain he could raise the total amount of stolen funds, the police report reads.

The association bylaws state that board member positions are voluntary positions that do not receive monetary compensation.

Quail Run Association is located at 2000 SW 26th Street in Boynton Beach.

Hagerty was voted in as a new board member in November 2014.

Bank records showed Glavas used the funds to pay for personal assets such as his mortgage. The funds were deposited into three separate personal accounts in what appears to be an effort to conceal and minimize large transactions.