STUNNING: Seven Bridges Homeowners Berate, Push Out New President

HOA President Was Respected Attorney. Tried to right ship following multiple police investigations, one federal indictment of homeowner in new community.

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

Published September 21, 2019


DELRAY BEACH — In a stunning move in a community plagued with problems, first Seven Bridges HOA president Matthew J. Weiss, a highly respected New York attorney and humanitarian, resigned from his unpaid post as HOA president just weeks after taking the job. He and his family were berated by homeowners upset at the prospect of rules being implemented and order being brought to the community of million dollars homes facing problems ranging from speeders to — according to multiple sources — swinger’s sex parties.

Weiss, and other members of the elected board, have been working to implement order from chaos. Builder G.L. Homes “turned over” the community to the HOA just weeks ago. With it came budgets that needed adjusting and rules that needed enforcement. Weiss and the board attempted to do both, only to find themselves on the receiving end of threats, anger and angst. Among the issues — in a community full of Teslas and BMWs: outrage over a $200 special assessment and the implementation of “traffic hawk” units to control speeders.

“Plain and simple” said one person contacting after this story first appeared late Wednesday evening, “the unhappy people are, by and large, New York transplants who have absolutely no comprehension of how HOA’s work, let alone life in general. Many of them are in their 30s, paid cash for their homes, and work from the clubhouse. This isn’t paying local taxes on Long Island for fire and police. This is subsidizing a restaurant, a tennis program, security and events. It’s not free.”

Mortgages and home purchases are public information in Florida. There are many million dollar homes in the community paid for in cash by owners in their 30s.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that Matthew Weiss and his family have been so disrespected,” posted one homeowner overnight to a private facebook group shared with by several homeowners.

Other comments include: “(This community) should be ashamed of itself.” “There are those who devote themselves and those who complain. We have a lot of the latter here.” “(Weiss) wants the best for 7B and it is disgusting that he was verbally attacked for doing his unpaid job.”

”I have never seen anything like this,” said one area HOA President contacting early Thursday morning. “Never.”

Weiss’ goal — according to sources familiar with the matter and communication sent to — was to bring a sense of community to the community which is full of New Yorkers lured to West Delray Beach by ads on New York City television stations promoting a fun and sun family-friendly lifestyle. has observed many Florida newcomers in Seven Bridges believing that rules don’t apply in gated communities and that a “Florida Lifestyle” includes whatever frivolity one would like. Weiss — and other Board members — were chastised for explaining that an HOA is a business and homeowners are stakeholders.

Multiple Police Investigations, One Federal Indictment In Seven Bridges has learned that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has generated case numbers for at least seven embezzlement/fraud investigations in the community within roughly the past year. Case numbers exist for multiple stolen vehicles, an assault, burglary and vandalism. One homeowner is under federal indictment. His house, according to Zillow, is in pre-foreclosure. Even by Florida standards, it’s a somewhat incredible set of facts for a new community that remains under construction.

Homeowners sharing private social media posts with point to two factions — those who were outraged at the prospect of rules and order, and those who are outraged that homeowners in the community would want anything other than a family friendly environment.

“There is a general level of ignorance, entitlement and stupidity among these transplants that is eye-opening, even in Florida,” posted another homeowner.