Pet pig threatened by HOA gets to stay

Article Courtesy of  Channel 10 News

By Isabel Mascareņas   

Published January 15, 2018


SARASOTA - The battle, which pitted an HOA against a beloved pet, is over. The HOA has agreed that the miniature pot-bellied pig can stay.

After checking into the county rules, the McDowell family decided to adopt a miniature pot-bellied pig about a year and a half ago because the county allowed them as pets. The HOA disagreed.

Hamilton came home to his adoring family when he was 4 weeks old.

The family notified the HOA, but they received a notice over a year later that they were in violation of the homeowner's association rules. By then, Hamilton was a beloved member of the family.

"He’s just like having a dog," said Cari. "He rings the bell to go potty, goes out on a leash sleeps in a kennel next to the dogs.” Hamilton also likes to snuggle on the couch with Cari’s daughters.

10News reporter, Isabel Mascarenas brought us the original story back in December.

Support for Hamilton from the community grew to include a petition with more than 2,000 signatures and a Facebook page with over 400 followers.

The McDowells even hired an attorney to help with their case.

A Sarasota County family is taking on their HOA over the right to keep Hamilton, their pot belly pig.

Through Hamilton's Facebook page, we learned today that he gets to stay, so the family can snuggle together free from fear of an HOA eviction.