CORONAVIRUS: Area Homeowners Seek HOA Refunds For Lack Of Services

Boca, Boynton, Delray Homeowners Unhappy That Fewer Services Provided, Don’t Want To Pay

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

Published April 9, 2020


BOCA RATON — Board Members for area HOA’s are contacting to report that homeowners in their communities are seeking refunds or discounts as pools remain closed, golf courses remain inaccessible, and fitness facilities remain off-limits.

“I don’t know why I’m surprised,” said one HOA leader who asked not to be identified. “We live in an area where people would rather swim and golf than socially distance and stay safe. Now people want refunds. Of course they want refunds.”

Several HOA’s tell that refunds or discounts aren’t even on the table. Expenses continue even if gyms, for instance, are closed.

“This isn’t a Marriott or Ritz Carlton where you can ask for a room night refund if you have a bad experience,” said a community manager. “Homeowner Associations are businesses. The business doesn’t stop incurring expenses, having to pay for upkeep and maintenance, paying for electricity, security and trash collection just because a virus is killing thousands. The fact that people who own homes in a community are asking for discounts or refunds shows just how disconnected some in the area truly are.”

Just days ago, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw issued a statement, informing private communities and country clubs that the executive order requiring the closure of pools and golf courses applied to everyone — not just ‘public’ facilities. Bradshaw said at the time that private facilities — including HOA’s — couldn’t decide to “opt out.” He stated that deputies would be authorized to arrest offenders.

While using a pool at your home, for instance, is not a problem, using a golf course or community pool is banned under current regulations.

“You still have to water the grass on the golf course, keep the gym clean =, mow the lawns and chlorinate the pool. Expenses are expenses.”