Florida neighborhood overrun by vultures

Article Courtesy of  ABC Channel 20 News

Published August 23, 2019


WEST PALM BEACH - Summertime is perfect for enjoying the pool, which is especially true for homeowners lucky enough to have one on their property. However, a Florida family has been held hostage by a flock of uninvited guests. “It's a disaster.

It's a laughable disaster. You can't make this up. That's why it's laughable,” said homeowner Anthony Casimano. His backyard and pool area have been overrun by vultures.

“They ripped all the screens out, like you see right now. They throw up, they pooped all over the place. They ripped out a pool fence," he said.

Casimano said that was the first time he spent $3,000 repairing everything. Then he got an alert on his phone from his security system.

“There’s motion in the yard so I check it out, and there must have been a hundred of them there,” he said.

Security video taken over the course of several hours shows vultures everywhere.

A neighborhood in Florida is overrun with vultures.

Casimano says the vultures have forced him and his family to leave their own home and go to New York.

“I have a two-year-old daughter that I can't bring down there while the situation's happening. They'll probably attack her,” Casimano said.

It’s not just the Casimano. Their neighbor has the same problem.

The president of the Ibis Property Owners Association, Gordon Holness, says they're doing everything they can to keep the vultures away.

He says the problem is one homeowner keeps feeding the vultures.

Holness says they've given her a citation and a fine, and even delivered a legal cease and desist letter, but nothing has worked yet.

Casimano has tried to do things himself like placing balloons around the area and playing music all day long - anything to keep the vultures away.

Some days it works, but others, it doesn't.

“We have to get the situation taken care of before we come back down there. I’m not going to come down there and walk into a mess,” he said.