Single dad says HOA refusing to renew lease over review

Article and Video Courtesy of FOX 4 News

By Rochelle Alleyne

Published February 22, 2021



PORT CHARLOTTE — Michael Bucherich says these 100 words, posted nine months ago on Google, have left him in a pickle.

"During a time of national crisis and all of the neighborhood children trapped at home with little to no relief this association has elected to fine its residents $25 per day for having small inflatable pools while the community amenities are closed. With many forced out of work and others having to give up their jobs to stay home and educate the children I would think that this association would have some empathy as opposed to trying to further defeat American families trying to cope with the new way of living caused by a pandemic. Shame on you all," he wrote.

Bucherich says this all started last summer when the Oak Hollow Property Owners closed the community pool because of the pandemic.

"I got a very small, above-ground pool and put it behind my house," he said

But shortly after putting his pool up, Bucherich says the homeowner's group threatened to fine him $25 a day until he took it down.

So, in frustration, he took to the internet and posted a review.

Now fast-forward to a few weeks ago, when he says he put in an application to renew his lease or possibly move into another home across the street. After waiting a while, he says he eventually got the following response from his property manager:

"'You've been denied for the application for 446' and I said 'Okay, no harm, no foul, we've already talked about it, if anything falls through, I'll just stay where I'm at, at 441.' and he said 'No, buddy that's what you don't understand, they've also denied your renewal,'" he said.

Bucherich says he then called the homeowners group for answers.

"Almost instantly she starts barking at me, telling me she doesn't owe me an explanation, she doesn't owe me a reason," he said.

And FOX 4 called too.

The homeowner's group confirmed that his application was denied by their "Rental Review Committee."

However, they wouldn't confirm why it was denied but said their decision was final.

Bucherich says, he now has until the end of his lease, February 28th, to find somewhere else to live.

"I just don't know how you'd expect, logically of realistically for that to actually happen," he said.

And if he doesn't leave, he claims they'll evict him.

The single-dad says he's in the process of finding a new place and says while he'll miss his neighbors, he won't fight to stay where he's not wanted.

And he says he hopes people take away a message of kindness from his story:

"You've gotta be cautious with how you treat people. Be compassionate, be caring," he said.

FOX 4 asked the Oak Hollow Property Owners if they would go on camera for an interview to share more of their side of things. A leader with the group promised to call back with a response but never did.