HOA asks military-decorated SUV to be removed from neighborhood

Article Courtesy of News 4 Jacksonville

By Josh Williams

Published June 14, 2017


MIDDLEBURG - Controversy has erupted in a Middleburg neighborhood over an SUV decorated with military decorations.

"We feel that a vehicle designed to create awareness for support for our troops could never be deemed a nuisance," SUV owner Kathy Signorile said.

Signorile said she doesn't understand why she got a letter in which the HOA requests her to remove the vehicle from the neighborhood or put it in the garage, implying that it's "too large" or a "nuisance."

"At this point, we still have a letter saying, 'Park it in the garage,' and I'm not going to park it in the garage," Kathy's husband Jim Signorile said.

The Signoriles are standing by their decision.

"When they're on the line, and here pushing back for me, they don't stop," Kathy said. "We had the vehicle wrapped, and when we came home yesterday afternoon, in the mailbox was a letter stating we couldn't have our vehicle in our driveway because it was a nuisance."

The Signoriles said they took to Facebook to post about the letter they'd received from the HOA.

Their freshly-wrapped SUV advertises for a nonprofit military support group the couple started back in 2010 -- St. Michael's Soldiers -- that delivers care packages and hosts "Welcome Home" events. It's an organization that has 150 volunteers. They said they'll continue to advertise it no matter who pushes back.

"Other residents in the complex advertise their 'for business' businesses on their vehicles," Kathy said.

"We were angry and we put it on that little tiny community Facebook website and it's been 24 hours now and to see the outpouring of support makes me feel really happy," Jim said.

The couple said the HOA told them they're not responsible for sending the letter, adding that they believe it was an outside group that manages the HOA.

The HOA apologized and said they're working on a solution.