Oviedo mayor accused of threatening neighbors

Article Courtesy of  FOX NEWS Channel 35

By Valerie Boey 

Published May 18, 2019


OVIEDO - A woman in Oviedo, Florida says the city's mayor, who lives a few doors down from her, is getting special treatment from police, after she filed a complaint against him.

Jennifer Bain says she filed a report against Mayor Dominic Persampiere, saying he threatened her and her husband. She also gave police some video of the mayor standing across the street from their home yelling.

"I did go to the police station today...made a report, because he's bashing me on social media. There's nothing they can do," said Jennifer Bain.

In the video, you hear a man Bain identifies as Persampiere shouting, "You ever talk to my kid like that again, I'll get my gun. I'll come over there and I'll [expletive] kill you...take my picture, here I am, record this. She lost her damn cat. Go ahead put it on Facebook you're both [expletive]."

Officers did not file any charges, saying the threat was conditional -- based upon further harassment of the Persampierer's daughter -- and because Persampiere did not possess a firearm at the time.

Bain said it all started on Monday, when she saw the mayor's daughter raising her phone outside their home. She thought it was connected to an HOA dispute about her new shed.

"I thought she was taking pictures of my house. My husband yelled over like it says in the police report, 'Please don't take pictures of my house or come on my property.'"

Mayor Persampiere released this statement:
"When my daughter was verbally assaulted while looking for her lost cat and then threatened with a K9 trained German shepard, I went into "Protective dad" mode. For many years, this family has antagonized and threatened my wife in her role as HOA president. I will not accept them doing the same to my daughter."

Bain says, "I don't know why he's threatening to kill me. I'm kinda scared. I'm gonna have to file a restraining order because this man is posting things on social media about my dog and how much of a threat my dog is, how much of a threat we are and bad mouthing us."