Residents fight HOA over fee hike and pandemic restrictions

Article Courtesy of  Channel 12 (CBS) News

By Lena Salzbank

Published March 5, 2021


LAKE WORTH — Residents living at Valencia Shores in Lake Worth are speaking out after they say the HOA board has implemented "unlivable" COVID-19 Protocols.


Since the start of the pandemic, one of the community pool sites, where the hot tub and lap pool are located has been closed, and residents are required to wear masks inside the pool while swimming, even though the CDC specifically states you should NOT wear masks inside the water.

Residents are asked to wear masks inside the pool.

Residents tell CBS12 News they are also restricted from using the community's athletic center and all outside entertainment at Valencia's social club has been canceled.


Video shows basketball courts with the hoops removed from the backboards to discourage people from playing ball.


Residents say if there is no monitor overseeing the tennis courts, the gates are locked.


According to those living onsite HOA fees went up this year, a slap in the face one homeowner says.

CBS12 News reached out to Eric Isacoff, Valencia Shores HOA President, to see why protocols are so strict, but has not heard back.