HOA installs license plate readers at Riverview neighborhood entrance

Article Courtesy of  FOX 13 News

By Josh Cascio

Published September 28, 2019



RIVERVIEW - A Riverview neighborhood is using new technology they say will prevent crime, but some say it's an invasion of their privacy.

Cameras were installed in April to capture the license plates of vehicles coming and going from the Paddock Oaks neighborhood.

Homeowners Association president Bill Staley said thieves stole a truck tailgate from his neighbor over the Labor Day weekend. Within days, and with the help of the plate reader and other surveillance videos, Staley says deputies arrested two people.

“It paid for itself in a big way,” Staley commented, adding the cameras only capture a picture of a car's license plate and nothing more.

Neighborhood resident Randy Decker said he doesn't see the camera as an invasion of his privacy.


“The way I see it, it’s pretty simplistic. If you’re not doing anything wrong, why would you worry about it?” Decker wondered.

The camera company, Flock Safety, said its cameras help solve two crimes a day on average. Homeowners inside the neighborhood can decide to opt-out if they want.

Staley admits not everyone in his neighborhood has signed-on, but he believes this, like most home security technology, is the future of security.

“I really think, if you think about it seriously, if you’re looking to eliminate crime, to do your part, it’s a great addition,” he said.

Flock Safety said 14 other neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area are also using this technology.